Learning to Code

I’m finally learning how to code after realizing the number and variety of things that I can create.

I do have some programming experience — when I was in highschool I built computers and occasionally had to hack around in the bios to increase the clock speed on my CPU to get better performance while playing games. I used a plain text editor to write and run scripts in FORTRAN for a Summer undergraduate research project in molecular modeling, and then did some PLC logic programming for my electro-mechanical systems classes. Those environments were so painful to work in that I blocked it out of my memory.

I always found programming to be impenetrably boring to learn, and then I started Reciprocity with my co-founders Cam and Josh. Once I saw that writing programs can be a way to help people in the real world do what they want, I became a lot more interested.

The pain of learning to code is somehow less than the pain of having to do routine paperwork over and over again.

So I’m finally learning. If you have any suggested resources or tips for a beginner, let me know!

Having computers work for us day and night is preferable.

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