Hi, I’m Chris Powers.

I’m currently working to upgrade government and nonprofit services at Reciprocity

For additional context, visit my Personal & Professional Interests, Ideas, and Work History.
Themes include: Closing waste loops (The Circular Economy), reducing air, water and soil pollution (Safe Product Design, Remediation), transitioning to renewable energy sources (Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Grid Level Storage), making energy grids smarter (The Internet Analogy Applied to the Grid), optimizing food supply chains (reusing / reducing waste, supply chain solutions, local agriculture) regenerative farming (and integrity food), Carbon Offsets, Net Zero Buildings, Advanced Weathering, GeoEngineering, Redirecting the Sun’s Rays and much more. Other environmental problems are important too, but converting our economy to carbon neutrality will solve many of the biggest ones.

I’ve been obsessed with effective climate solutions since 2014 and part of my writings here will be dedicated to this topic. That’s because Climate Change & AI Safety are probably the two most important problems that my generation will have the opportunity to work on. The intersection of technology, positive returns on capital, and hard science-based solutions to climate change are infinitely fascinating to me and I love learning more about the people who are bringing these organizations to life.

Please connect via LinkedIn, Twitter, or email to share ideas. I have open time slots on my calendar to connect.

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